Struggling with the Turmoil?

Struggling with the Turmoil?

Dear Heart Souls, we are living through an incredulous time. We are concerned about how this affects our families, friends, pets, work and our way of life, The range of feelings and emotions that we are experiencing is vast. If you are an empath or sympath you will be experiencing these at a deeper level, even if you may not necessarily recognise this. And for some a certain subconscious memory from a past live may be triggering us to feel or act in a way that we know is not how we would typically act under similar circumstances. We are living in extraordinary times.

As a self employed person, I need to pivot to an online offering, as my 1-1 work has gone for the moment until further notice. For some workers they may have been laid off, whilst others are working from home. Family and friend pressures. Work pressures. Business pressures. We are living in changing times. In this interim period, many are getting the chance to take time out, catch their breath for a moment. Time to be with family. Time to be with pets. Time to do those ‘one day I will get around to …x task’. Take this time, and treasure the quality time you can spend with loved ones, whether it’s in your home or via tech!

Go within your heart centre, remember all the moments that made and make you smile,. Look at photos of happy times. Know that all of humanity is routing for ourselves to get through this. Help those you can help, whether it’s a quick text, or message or even a landline call! If someone winds you up remember they¬† could have a lot going on. Know, we can get through this if we all pull together,

I personally believe we will come out of the other side, as long as we are as sensible as we can be by keeping up to date with the best advice available and using our common sense. The world may provide a different view, we may have evolved our views and perceptions of what is important and what isn’t anymore.As scary as this may all seem, I believe we are watching history in the making.

Remember we are all together in this. We can take this dire situation to find a better way to do things going forward. Humanity, we can wake up and find a way to make our futures better, once we get through this together.

So – I have moved to an online space. You can book your session online, via Acuity Scheduling, and the sessions are via Zoom. I know, first hand, it’s tough out there, businesses closing overnight, diaries emptying. So I’ve set up various codes, so if you can afford a session. I want sessions to be accessible. I want to help people and make a difference. So the way I am trying is via this method.

So book your online session using the scheduling software, and use a code that’s right for you and your circumstances. I look forward to working with you. Blessings, love & light xxx

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