Maybe you are wondering why you should bother to heal something else that has come up? Is it worth it? Can it really help me move forward? How does healing myself help others or even raise the vibration of humanity?

On this planet, we all experience this life as individual beings, with individuated ego, experiences and life purpose to overview just a tiny few aspects. If we work on ourselves, ie work on our hang-ups, our weaknesses, our fears – can it really help others?

I believe if one of us heals a fear or phobia, we can then move forward on our path, slightly happier and freer perhaps, and make a smidge more of a difference. In doing so, we have helped to raise our vibration and deliver a little more of our life’s purpose. Your life’s purpose may help another person to move on with their purpose in their own way. This domino effect is not only created by the services we offer, but also because we have cleared some of our fears or phobias which you may perceive as ‘energetic cobwebs’, thus helping to raise our vibratory state on the planet, which in turn assists in helping us all.



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