Hypnosis For You

Hypnosis can be beneficial in helping overcome particular fears, changing unwanted habits, or thinking patterns which may appear to be preventing someone from reaching their full potential.

What is hypnosis? It is a process by which you are placed in such a relaxed state that your subconscious is more open to receive positive suggestions.

If you are truly committed to making a change and taking action with a view to achieving your desired outcome, hypnosis can give you that added boost.

Hypnosis Can Help With:

  • Lack of confidence, self-worth, self-belief
  • Stress, anxiety
  • Phobias or fears, eg public speaking, heights, flying etc
  • Changing habits, eg smoking, vaping etc
  • Weight Loss
  • Procrastination, motivation
  • Sleeping, relaxation

Using hypnosis techniques I act as a facilitator between you and your subconscious.


Your Hypnosis Session:

After discussing the desired outcome from your session(s), you will be gently guided into a deep state of relaxation. Once this is achieved, your subconscious will be open to receiving positive suggestions  aimed at bringing about any necessary changes in beliefs or habits. 

Some people think hypnotherapy is a ‘magic wand,’ and one session will fix habits, behaviours or beliefs that have taken a lifetime to form.

The number of sessions needed may vary, depending on the layers of complexity behind the issue in question. At each session, we check progress and act accordingly. You are guided through these sessions using effective scripts, so you, your subconscious and conscious mind can achieve the desired results.

If you are truly committed to achieving your outcome, you can book a complimentary Zoom call or an initial session using the online scheduler.

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