Are you curious about your path or soul’s mission in this life?  Perhaps you feel as if you have incarnated with many other souls from your soul group in this lifetime. Or maybe you feel alone, and nobody really understands you? Maybe you seek guidance or insight as you journey through this lifetime?

A ‘between lives’ session facilitates interaction with your soul in the space between your lives, so you learn more about yourself. You are guided into a deeply relaxing state so you can connect to your existence between incarnations. Within this space, you may experience a life review. You may gain insight as to who is in your soul group, pay a visit to the council of elders, or find yourself reviewing lessons learnt and lessons yet to learn. On occasion, people find their soul is a teacher of others, or perhaps a member of a specialised group such as an energy or healing group. Everyone’s experience in this state is uniquely insightful.

Life is a journey. We experience living and being. We can simply exist and get by, or we may actively choose to travel and solve our ‘hero’s journey’. As we follow our path, we can choose to take time to heal ourselves by releasing hurts or karma. Taking time to heal ourselves helps us evolve during our journey through this lifetime.

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