Parallel Quantum

In our 3D reality, our perception of time is one of linearity. Yet some radical thinkers hold the belief that we experience all things simultaneously, and that there is no time in other dimensions and realities. If you are at a crossroads on your journey, you can explore alternatives within the parallel quantum paradigm.

Parallel Quantum Decisions

Have you ever wondered about the road not taken?

That decisive choice that could have led elsewhere.

Does the prospect of exploring different future options excite you?

Parallel Quantum Lives

Do other dimensions and realities exist? Does time really exist in a linear fashion? What if we do live within a multiverse, and our soul is experiencing existences in other realities, or even just in this world?

Some people prefer a parallel quantum life (PQL) rather than a regression or progression session.

Time is only considered to be linear within this 3D existence. It is believed by some that past, present and future events are indistinguishable. In other words, what has happened and what will happen occur simultaneously. Depending on your beliefs about consciousness and the unified field theory, you may feel drawn to experience a PQL. You can choose to access a crossroads, when you had a choice to make. Alternatively, you can explore the potentials of a decision not yet made, or the road not taken. 

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