Between Lives

If you are seeking insights into your life purpose, soul mission or your soul group, then a between lives session can guide your subconscious to the state in-between. Ideally you will have had at least one past life regression session prior to a between lives session. Because a very deep theta state of relaxation is reached, these sessions can last up to 3 hours.

Do you wonder if you are living and interacting with your soul group? Are you seeking guidance or wisdom on your spiritual journey?

Then why not connect with your soul essence in the space between time, and discover more about yourself?

Through this deeply relaxed state, you are given insight into your existence between incarnations. Here you may experience being with your soul group, visiting the council of elders, reviewing lessons learnt, or those yet to learn. Everyone’s session is uniquely insightful.

Life is a journey.

We experience living and being.

We can also choose to release hurts, karma, and improve ourselves, so we are constantly evolving on our journey through this lifetime.

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