Are you trying to move forward or implement your business plans, or intend going for that promotion? Do you feel limited by doubts, or lack of self-confidence, or do you need to step out of your comfort zone? What is really limiting you?

Does the block or limiting belief come from this life? If so, you can experience an ‘age’ or ‘this life’ regression session to uncover the original point of pain of this limiting doubt or fear. Perhaps the block feels unrelated to this lifetime and you wonder if it is something due to a past life? If so, it is something that can be explored during a past life regression session.

Many ‘lightworkers’ are feeling the call to step up and help provide their services in order to help with this transition (known to some as ‘Age of Aquarius’). Yet many are having to heal and overcome past life karmic echoes where they may have experienced negative events due to a previous incarnation as a ‘healer’. Past life regression can help uncover an original point of pain where an attitude or belief started, and healing can be facilitated within the session.

As with all the techniques I’ve learnt, I’ve used them myself and have found them extremely helpful. I once had a fear of ‘sticking my head above the parapet. This fear remained with me until I used past life regression to root out the original cause and bring healing back into this lifetime. This enabled me to move ahead with my life’s purpose.

I’m on a mission to help others move forward with their soul purpose in this lifetime, and this is one way I feel I can help make a positive difference.

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